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About the DRA test...

This school year, your child will have to read several DRA books; independently throughout each marking period. In order to determine your child's "just right book" I will administer an assessment called the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment), which is a test that determines oral reading fluency, comprehension, and other reading components. This test will be administered 3 times throughout the school year; September, January and May. 


About DRA assignments...

Each marking period your child will get to pick his or her own DRA book! Your child can choose to pick their book in our classroom library, school library or the public library; as long as it is an DRA book! You can use this link:  to see if a book is an DRA book. However, the DRA book MUST be on your child's reading level and also NO picture books! 


As I just mentioned...yes, ANOTHER test! Once you're child has read the book, they will have to take an AR test on the computer. AR tests can only be completed in school; not at home! The test is about 5 to 10 multiple choice questions that asks comprehension questions pertaining to the DRA book they read.


Each marking period, your child will have to read a certain amount of AR books:


  • MP1 = 3 books
  • MP2 = 4 books
  • MP3 = 5 books
  • MP4 = 5 books


DRA grading...

It is important that your child delegates his/her time wisely to complete each DRA book, AR test and DRA Book Report worksheet. This is worth 30% of their Reading grade!


If your child gets 1 bad AR score, he/she can read another book or the reread the same DRA book for a better grade. For example, in marking period 1 if Bobby had 3 DRA tests scores of 100%, 90%, and 40% and read another or the same DRA book (on his reading level) in marking period 1 and got a 100%, I would swap out the 40% for the 100%. However, if your child only read 1 book in marking 1 and marking period 1 was ending, then I would have to put two 0's in the grade book for failing to complete the task. 


Students also earn DRA points from each test he/she takes, however; they need to PASS the test. A passing grade on an AR test is a 60%. Each DRA book points range from 0.5 to 3 points. The more books you read equals more points, and the more points you have, the bigger the prize is earned at the end of the school year! But most importantly, your child will become a better reader!!


If you have any questions regarding DRA, please email me!!