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About the Health Education Program at Dover Middle School



Course Description:

            The 7th and 8th Grade Family Life Health program is designed to allow students the ability to develop the knowledge and skills needed to be healthy and to achieve academic success. Effective Health Education programs promote each student’s optimum physical, mental, emotional, and social development, while being grounded in scientifically based research and public health knowledge. As such, Dover Middle School’s Family Life Health program utilizes multiple learning theories and instruction to support health-enhancing behaviors. The use of technology will be used throughout the year to aid in the goal of healthy living, and by doing so increase each student’s desire to learn. Students will have the opportunity to set goals and strive to be the best that they can possibly be. This program is student centered, and all students will be challenged to engage in classroom discussion, research, and a variety of skill practices on a daily basis. Current health issues will be discussed in detail, which will allow students the opportunity to take responsibility for their own health and overall well being. At the conclusion of this program students will be prepared to address wellness issues, now, and throughout their lifetime.

Dover Health Education Units of Study Outline
  • Nutrition

    Social and Emotional Health


    Decision Making and Goal Setting

    Character Development


    Alcohol and Drugs

    Dependency and Addiction


    Human Sexuality



Health Education Class Expectations:
Be in your assigned seat and ready to work before the late bell rings.
Come to class prepared with appropriate materials such as your laptop, paper, pens and pencils, covered textbook(s), calculator, notebook/binder, agenda planner and completed homework.
Raise your hand, not your voice, and wait to be recognized by the teacher before speaking or leaving your seat.
Keep all hands, feet, objects, and negative comments to yourself.
Follow all school and classroom rules the first time they are given.
Care for all equipment as instructed.

About Myself

I attended Dover Schools from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Following high school I attended East Stroudsburg University and received my degree in Health and Physical Education. Currently it is my fifth year teaching.  

I am willing to discuss any suggestions or concerns that you may have about your child. I can be contacted at or (973) 989-2040.



Remember the Titans Worksheet

 Remember the Titans worksheet.docx 


Health Triangle Template

 Health Triangle Template.docx 




7th Grade Health


 Syllabus: 7th Grade syllabus.docx


Unit: Body Systems

 Human Body Systems PPT 2016 (1)(2).pptx 

 Body Systems group project(2).docx 


Unit: Tobacco

 Tobacco Webquest (1)(2).docx 


Unit: Nutrition



Unit: Sexual Education


Unit: Wellness

 How Stressed are you.pdf 

 Stress management plan(2).pdf 


Unit: Relationships


 Innocent date.pdf 

 IMG_5975.JPG  - Ways to Say No

 Peer Pressure .pptx 

 Relationship webquest.doc 


Unit: Safety and First Aid


Unit: Growth and Development




8th Grade Health


 Syllabus: 8th Grade syllabus.docx 


Unit: Wellness 



 Wellness Personal Assessment.pdf 




Unit: Addiction/ Alcohol/ Tobacco

Unit: Disease and Conditions




Unit: Nutrition

 Fad Food Diet Presentation.docx 

 Body Image Project.doc 

  Webquest- Dying to be thin.doc 

 Body image and the sexes.jpg 


Unit: Pregnancy


 Teen Pregnancy Impacts.docx 


STI Worksheet  STI Worksheet.docx