Welcome to Mrs. Campbell's Class!






 Students were given an interest inventory at the end of last year. The topics with the most votes from each grade level are our units of study this year.

Tuesday's Class - 2nd and 3rd Grade-

We are studying:

United States of America

This week we studied North Carolina and North Dakota. We made Macaroni and Cheese:

Wheat is the world's largest crop. Every minute of every day, all year long, someone, somewhere is planting wheat while someone else is harvesting it. North Dakota, one of the United States' top producers of wheat, is famous for its hardy durum, the kind of wheat used to make the best pasta. Chances are, when you eat spaghetti or macaroni and cheese, you're eating North Dakota-grown durum wheat.

We're also working daily on a large mural of the United States and learning study skills when reading the facts for each state.



Wednesday's Class - 4th and 5th Grade-

We are studying:



This week we continued to work on a group project in which students created their own Rain Forest Tribe. We worked on Waker Uppers  (Group #1's choice), and worked on performing our play without our scripts. We are practicing our lines at home with parents or siblings between classes! 



Students wrote an "explanatory statement" for our Would You Rather Board. The question was posed, "Would you rather be a parent or a child?"  Students supported their choice with a statement of reasons.





         SUPPLY LIST:                                                

         -1 Three RIng Binder                                        

              *at least 2 inch                                            

         -1 Set of 5 Tab Dividers