Welcome to Mrs. Campbell's Class!






 Students were given an interest inventory at the end of last year. The topics with the most votes from each grade level are our units of study this year.

Tuesday's Class - 2nd and 3rd Grade-

We are studying:

United States of America

This week we studied Massachusetts and Michigan. We made Boston Baked Beans for our State Recipe of the Week:

Boston was founded in 1630 as a tightly knit village of Puritan craftsmen, farmers and ministers. They had left England to make their homes in Massachusetts because they wanted the freedom to live according to their religious beliefs. One of the Puritans' religious beliefs was that Sunday should be a day of rest in which no work was done. This meant taht meals eaten on Sunday must be prepared on Saturday. Boston Baked Beans, as they came to be known, eventually became a traditional Saturday-night supper for folks all over Massachusetts.

We're also working daily on a large mural of the United States.



Wednesday's Class - 4th and 5th Grade-

We are studying:



This week we studied the Rain Forest people, focusing on the People of the Amazon.

Students practiced the play "Holiday in the Rain Forest".






Students wrote an "explanatory statement" for our Would You Rather Board. The question was posed, "Would you rather have one leg or one arm?"  Students supported their choice with a statement of reasons.


STUDENTS OF THE WEEK: Levi T. and Addison N.



         SUPPLY LIST:                                                

         -1 Three RIng Binder                                        

              *at least 2 inch                                            

         -1 Set of 5 Tab Dividers