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West Deptford Music: Preschool-Second Grade

Teacher-Jill Bradshaw


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North Pole Dreamers DVD Order forms!

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West Deptford Young Players 2018-2019


Red Bank Second Grade Spring Musical


Audition Information: February 4-5

 Audition permission slip-DV.docx 

Audition Materials:


*Student should memorize this monologue to be performed at their audition;


“I just found this interesting pencil! What should I draw with it? I could draw a sun, or a moon or even a dragon. The adventure begins here!



Song:“Birthday” by The Beatles

*Please refer to the following link for the instrumental audition track;


 You say it's your birthday!
It's my birthday too, yeah!
They say it's your birthday!
We're gonna have a good time.
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you!



(get to spots)

You say it's your birthday! (fist pump and jump 4x)


It's my birthday too, yeah! (fist pump and jump 4x)


They say it's your birthday! (rainbow arms right)

(shimmy from that position)

We're gonna have a good time. (rainbow arms left)

(shimmy from that position)

I'm glad it's your birthday (step touch and arms left (the way you’re facing already) then right)

Happy birthday to you! (shimmy)


Students will perform their audition in music class on the following days;

Monday Febraury 4: Combs, Darpino, Kalano, Lundstrom

Tuesday, February 5: Corino, Williams, Micciche, Pauro, McGlinn

*Trombetta will audition with the class they attend music with

**If your child is absent on the day of their music class that week and wishes to audition please contact me no later than February 5 as casting decisions will be made at the conclusion of auditions that day.


Oakview- North Pole Dreamers: December 20, 2018 





Red Bank- Second Grade Spring Musical: May 7, 2019





Jukebox Time Machine

Oakview - Spring 2018






Red Bank - North Pole Bee 

December 2017





"At the Bandstand!"

Red Bank-May 2017 

"A Christmas Line" 

Oakview- December 2016




Oakview Spring 2016- "Be the Hero" 


Red Bank Winter 2015- "The Animal's Christmas Tree" 


Red Bank Spring 2015