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West Deptford Music: Kindergarten-Second Grade

Teacher-Jill Bradshaw


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West Deptford Elementary Players

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2019-2020 Music 

Dates to Remember:


Red Bank Winter Concert: December 10

Oakview Winter Musical (Cheer Aid): December 19

Kindergarten Showcase: March 27

Red Bank Spring Musical: May 19





Congratulations to the cast and every student who auditioned!


Featured Performers rehearsal schedule:  

 Cheer Aid rehearsal schedule(2).pdf 


Cheer Monitor- Naomi Reid-Caldwell

Elfton John- Eli Lynch- Pappalardo

Cyndi Shopper- Nina Borgesi-Caines- Lokaj

Toy George- Aiden Peters-Magsam 

Spruce Springsteen- Jason Wintermeyer - Petito

Merry-Donna- Skylar Palvento- Lokaj

David Giftbowie- Houssam Amalou- Lokaj

Billy Coal- Braxton Schober- Petito

Sleddie Mercury- Denato Daccardi- Lokaj





  1. Jordyn - Gilmore

  2. Riley Shomo - Lokaj

  3. Brielle Moore- Ardito

  4. Brayden Penn- Gilmore

  5. Marty Doherty - Lokaj

  6. Reese Brown - Kensil

  7. Ava Perez - Kiessling

  8. Quinn Reighter - Kiessling

  9. Brooklyn Palmer - Petito

  10. Mason Trigg - Petito

  11. Noah Breslin - Pappalardo

  12. Olivia Zane - Kensil


Crew Members

  1. Louis Talvacchio - Ardito

  2. Nathan Laboski - Lokaj

  3. Nate Boucher - Gilmore

  4. Georgia-Ray Lonabaugh - Gilmore

  5. Kaitlyn Gattuso - Caldwell

  6. Aiden Eichenberg - Pappalardo

  7. Amelia Teasdale - Kensil

  8. Jack Doyle - Kiessling

  9. Lillian Slaughter - Petito 


Vocal Soloists


  1. Brayden Penn- Gilmore

  2. Kara Williams - Petito

  3. Jace Burkhardt - Magsam

  4. Cammi Citrone - Petito

  5. Brielle Kubach- Kensil

  6. Leah Kaiser - Petito

  7. Jaxon Fernandez - Lokaj

  8. Sophia Miller- Pappalardo

  9. Jocelyn Miller - Ardito






  DVD order form.pdf 


Red Bank Second Grade Spring Musical 2019






Oakview- North Pole Dreamers: December 20, 2018 





Jukebox Time Machine

Oakview - Spring 2018






Red Bank - North Pole Bee 

December 2017





"At the Bandstand!"

Red Bank-May 2017 

"A Christmas Line" 

Oakview- December 2016




Oakview Spring 2016- "Be the Hero" 


Red Bank Winter 2015- "The Animal's Christmas Tree" 


Red Bank Spring 2015