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 Welcome to Ms. Rose's Kindergarten class



Dates to Remember 


April 23-27: Earth Week

May 18: Fairy Tale Ball and Awards

May 30: Last day of school


Congratulations AR readers

15 point club: Gabriel

10 point club: Aaron, Robinson

5 point club: Jazlyn, Leanette, Leo, Khloe, Finn, Bryan, Alex, Sawyer, Geo, Lauren, Tanzi, Denise


Congratulations Ball Word Masters

Passed all lists (220 words!)

Bryan, Alex, Leo, Finn


Congratulations Mad Minute Masters

(30 addition problems within 3 minutes)

Leanette, Bryan, Finn, Aaron, Sawyer, Leo




School Information


Bell Times: 8:55am-3:10pm (Classroom doors open at 8:30)


Breakfast: Your child must go directly to the cafeteria to get breakfast before coming to class.  They will eat in the room and must finish by the 8:55 bell.


Homework: I will send home a homework packet on Monday and it is due in full on Friday. Please practice sight words nightly (planner will have complete list of sight words).


Planner:  Your child will bring their planner home daily. Please check it and sign it every day as this will be our main communication. I will check it in the morning for any notes and/or going home changes.     




Weekly Skills:


Phonics:  syllables see-saw (2) jet (1)


Phonograms/Sounds: review all phonograms


Sight Words:  review all sight words


Reading Skill: sequencing

               plot-beginning, middle, end

               compare and contrast

               characters-WHO is in the story

               setting- WHERE the story takes place


Grammar/Writing: sequence writing- first, next, last

  First, I put on my shoes. Next, I went outside. Last, I rode my bike.   

      Nouns-person, place, thing, animal

      Adjectives- words that describe

      Verbs-action words


Math: 2D and 3D Shapes


Science and/or Social Studies: plants and community helpers





Ms. Rose's contact info:


School Phone: (239)458-0033


(Phone calls will not be transfered to classroom while school is in session)