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Call DAS Registration Office for appointments   


 Please review the following district health policies and medical requirements to enter a New Jersey Public School.



  • A medical physical is required when you register. It must be dated within ONE year of the date of registration.


  • The following immunizations are required prior to the start of Kindergarten:

DTap 4 doses, with one given on or after 4th birthday

Polio 3 doses, with one given on or after 4th birthday

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) 2 doses, one on or after 1st birthday

Varicella 1 dose, on or after 1st birthday

Hepatitis B 3 doses

Haemophilus B (HIB) at least 1 dose





  • All district health forms can be accessed online on the district home page, left side of page under District Health Plan or here on the website under District Forms




  • Please refer to district medication forms for ASTHMA, EPI PEN, and ANY DAILY MEDICATION that must be given during school hours.


  • Medical Provider MUST complete.
  • Medication MUST be in original container.