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Language Arts 7th Grade

Mrs. Kuzer


Welcome to our website

Wishing all students and parents a wonderful

2015-2016 school year



Thank you students and parents for a wonderful first semester and your donations of box tissues and mints.

Please keep them coming as I struggle to keep enough on hand.



Teacher Introduction:


Welcome to a new school year at Cypress Lake Middle School. As part of my duties, I will be responsiblefor working with your child to ensure academic success and that yours and your child's concerns are met with the upmost importance. I am extremely excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with both you and your child.


My classroom is designed around making all student’s feel at home and part of a community.  Our community is made up  of unique individuals, each with his or her own learning style, interests, history, and dreams. As your child’s teacher, I will build a community of respect and show your student that I care about them and their academic success. I encourage an open line of communication with all of my students as well as parents.


I believe education is a partnership between parents, students, school staff, and teachers and look forward to beginning a partnership with you and your child. Over the next week, my class website will be set up to provide you and your child with all  information pertaining to our class, including; upcoming assignments, tests, links to documents, student book recommendations, homework, etc.  This link can be accessed through Cypress Lake Middle School's website. In addition, a link to parent link is provided so both you and your child can access their  grades.


Contact information: or (239) 481-1533.


 Classroom supplies:  we are always in need of the following items: thank you in advance for your donations!


  • box tissues
  • magazines/comic books
  • mints - (they help stimulate the mind and students love them)
  • college ruled filler paper