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Reminder: Late bell rings at 8:55 am




Purple- YOU'RE AWESOME! Theleader in you is starting to blossom!


Green– READY TO LEAD- You're ready to go, you're off and away. You're the one that determines your day!


Yellow-SLOW DOWN- Take charge of your actions and attitude. Be proactive and it will improve your mood.


Red– THINK ABOUT IT- Take a deep breth, and get in control. Try to balanace your mind, body and soul.





B– Be Respectful


I-Improve Daily


T– Take Responsibility


E– Embrace Differences


S– Safety First


This year, Gateway will begin implementation of a program called Leader in Me.  The Leader in Me is an introduction to personal leadership. All students have the capacity to lead in their own lives and affect those around them by making positive choices. The Leader in Me provides students with activities to help them learn practical character and life skills that will lead to those positive choices. We will work on personal leadership daily. You will be provided with additional information regarding this program as the year progresses. For more information, you may visit the Parent’s Place at



If transportation plans change, you must send a written note. If no note is received your child will go home by their usual method of transportation 


Do not e-mail changes to me regarding the way your child goes home. If there is a substitute in the classroom then the e-mail will not be received in time to pass the message to your child.




As always, if you have any questions or need to speak with me, please contact me at or 768-3737. Thank you for your cooperation in making this a successful year!