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Welcome to Ms. Coyle's Blog. This is a resource for you to use to get information you need for our classes. 


This is my schedule:

1st and 2nd period: Planning

3rd and 4th: Social Studies with Mr. Hazard

5th: Social Studies with Mr. Irving

6th and 7th: Science with Mr. Choi




July 27th




3-4pm: 7th grade


See you then!!




Week of May 7


Social Studies:


On Monday we look at the government structure of Latin America and compare the systems found in Mexico, Brazil, and Cuba, using a triple Venn diagram.  On Tuesday the students will take notes on Latin American economies, and then use data to draw conclusions as to how literacy rate, GDP, and standard of living are related.  Wednesday will be dedicated to creating and reviewing a study guide for the Latin America summative test which will be conducted on Thurs, May 17.  A copy of the study guide can be found here Latin American Geography and environ study guide 2018.docx. On Thursday and Friday the students will work on the final assignment of the year: “Do you want to be a millionaire?  Here’s your chance!”  As an upcoming entrepreneur, each student will invent a product and create a commercial that lasts up to 2 minutes to advertise it.  Directions will be handed out to the students on Thursday can also be found here  Oral Presentation Commercial Directions(2).docx .   Also on Thursday, each student will randomly draw a number to show the order in which they will present.  Please note that if you are not ready on your presentation date, there will not be an opportunity to present on another date and a failing grade will be assigned.


Important Dates:


Success block - Thurs, May 10

Invention Presentations begin: Mon, May14

BYOD: Tues, May 15 and Wed May 16

Latin America Test - Thurs, May 17 

Field Day - Fri, May 18




Next Independent Reading IR TEST will be May 14, 2018






May 7

Students finished the well-developed paragraph for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and wrote three adjectives to describe the children who win the golden ticket.

May 8  Some students worked on the well-developed paragraph for Willy Wonka and others continued to watch the movie.

1st period and 5thperiod read The Cat Ate My Gymsuit

May 9  Finish reading The Cat Ate My Gymsuit  Choose which writing prompt you will complete for the well developed paragraph at the end  of the novel.  The Cat Ate My Gymsuit Paragraph Assessment.docx 

May 10  Continue finishing the novel assessment Finish Book Report Project Presentations  Students should take home their reports.

May 11  Finish watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory





Week of April 30


Social Studies:




This week the students will complete taking cloze notes on Latin American culture and then answer comprehension check questions.  On Tuesday, students will use this information to create a unique flag that represents elements of Latin America, including a paragraph to justify each selection.  For the remainder of the week we will look at the Cuban Revolution and how it escalated to the Cuban Missile Crisis.






Read 20 minutes each night.   


No reading log for Quarter 4 will be required. 


Final Book Report Project  Due: 


May 2nd


 IR Choice Board Project and Rubric.docx 






Week of April 23


Social Studies:


On Monday and Tuesday we will dispel myths between real and Hollywood pirates as we begin this week's study of history in Latin America.  The students will have a choice to complete 1 of the 3 activities found on this page that was provided to the students: Pirate Choice Activities.doc.  


Below are some sites with biographies for those students who chose to to activity 3 (research a real life pirate):






Important Dates:




Pirate choice activity due Thurs, April 26


Latin America Test recovery due (for those students earning under 70%): Fri, April 27


Also note that Success Block returns on Tues and Thurs this week.  Please check the Palmer website for sessions and locations





April 23


Watch username: palmerms  password: brainpop  Watch the movies called Book Report, Types of Writing and Biography  Answer the questions at the end click on Quiz Review Answer question 1-10 on your own paper.




April 16


Annotate  Charlie and the Chocolae Factory  by Roald Dahl


Underline 9 descriptive details 


Circle 9 sensory details and phrases that show imagery.


Write a list on the back of the packet of 12 things you find in the factory.  Example:  Green meadows,  Brown River, etc.




April 17 Watch two different versions of the chocolate room scene:  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  by Tim Burtonand Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory by Mel Stuart. Complete the Venn Diagram in the packet.  List 7 differences and 7 similarities.  Write a well-developed paragraph arguing which was a better interpretation of the factory.  




•Watch Mel Stuart’s vision of the Chocolate Room:








•Watch Tim Burton’s vision of the Chocolate Room:










•Which one was better???



Week of April 16th


Social Studies:


BYOD - Wednesday and Thursday for Test review

Latin American Geography Test is this Friday, April 20th.



Week of April 9th


Milestone Testing is Tuesday 4/10 through Friday 4/13. Get a good night sleep each night and a good breakfast:)




Week of March 26


 Social Studies:


This week the students will practice marking/annotating texts to help them write reflections that explain environmental concerns affecting Latin America.  Students should have their maps from last week labeled, colored and ready for submission on Tuesday.




Looking Ahead:




Physical and Political Maps due: Tues, March 27


Spring Break: week of April 2 - 6



 Prepare for the Georgia Milestones 



 Students should also use  username: palmerms  password: brainpop 

Watch videos on called:  debate, citations, clauses, conjunctions, run-ons, fragments, and 5 paragraph essay, and research.  Take the review quiz at the end to help prepare for writing.  


1.   Ethos Pathos Logos Quizlet:


2.   Argumentative Wrting Quizlet


3.  Narrative Vocabulary


Read 20 minutes each night.   

No reading log for Quarter 4 will be required.


Final Book Report Project  Due: 

May 2nd

 IR Choice Board Project and Rubric.docx 



March 26

Students will finish typing their essay about keeping animals at the zoo.

Students will use the milestone study guide to prepare for the milestone end of the year assessment.







Week of March 19th:


Social Studies:

Monday-Wednesday: BYOD review for Test Thursday on Canada. Please go to Mr. Bell's blog to play review games at home.

Thursday- Canada Unit Test 

Friday- We will be starting our new unit on Latin America with maps.



We will be finishing up our Argumentative writing pieces. 



Week of March 12th:


Social Studies:

We are continuing to work on our Canada Unit. Important dates to remember:

3/15 (Thursday)- Caricature due

3/16 (Friday)- Cartoon due

3/19-21 (Monday-Wednesday)- BYOD review for Canada test.

3/22 (Thursday)- Canada Test



3/13: Test on Pathos, Ethos, and Logos 

We are continuing to work on our Arguementative writing pieces. If you are missing any work, check with your teacher about coming to a success block:)


Week of March 5th:


Social Studies:

We are working on Voluntary Trade Notes in Canada this week. We are also reviewing map of Canada- political and physical each day.



We are working on our Arguementative Essays in the computer labs this week.



Week of February 26th:


I hope everyone had a restful winter break:)


Social Studies: we are continuing our Canadian Unit. Please study your Political and Physical Canada Maps each night.







Week of February 12th:


Social Studies:

We are starting our Canada Unit this week.

Political and Physical maps of Canada are due on Thursday!



We are working on Argumentative Essays this week. We had several days in class to complete the essays. Go to Mrs. Duke's blog if you need to complete and need the Argumentative checklist. These are due on FEBRUARY 26th (the Monday we return).





Week of February 5th:


Social Studies:

Monday: Australia Government, Economics, and Maps Study Skills

Tuesday: Test review for Test on Friday (Quizlet- on Mr. Bells blog)

Wednesday: Test review - Kahoot and Quizlet

Thursday- Test review - Quizlet live and Quizizz

Friday- Australia Test



Test over Logos, Pathos and Ethos is next Monday, February 12th





Week of January 29th:


Social Studies:

Monday: Australia Economy guided notes

Tuesday/Thursday: Australia economic systems- create an economy and currency Readers Theater 

Wednesday/Friday: BYOD Australia animal project



Monday: Poetry Test review

Tuesday: Poetry Test




Week of January 22nd:



Social Studies: 

Monday: We finished working on our country projects history. Please finish for homework if not completed in class.

Tuesday: Fill in Political/Physical Map of Australia and finish for homework if not completed in class. Do not forget to label the map, include a compass rose, and color water BLUE.:)

Wednesday: Maps due today. I graded maps and returned them so you can study the map. Power point and fill in Cornell notes on physical features of Australia. 

Thursday: Power point and fill in Cornell notes on history of Australia.

Friday: Work on I AM poems. TEST CORRECTIONS ARE DUE TODAY (only if I gave you your test back).




Monday: Work on MLK poetry pack that was due today. Work on Moby Max.

Tuesday: RI testing today.

Wednesday: Review MLK poetry pack, review poetry.

Thursday: Work on Poetry terms with poem, "My Grandfather's Clock". Study guides handed out and are due on Monday, January 29th.

Friday: Work on Study guides, review poetry terms. Poetry test is next Tuesday, January 30th.



Week of January 15th:


Monday: No School due to MLK, JR HOLIDAY


Social Studies:

Tuesday: Work on Country projects in class- students will work with group on the history of their countries.

Wednesday: No School due to weather.

Thursday: Finish working on country projects.

Friday: Start Australia unit with maps. Maps are due on Monday.



Tuesday/Friday: Students will work on poetry unit. PLEASE bring your book for book project each day to class.

Thursday: We will be taking our Reading Inventory test.






Week of January 8th:


Monday: NO SCHOOL due to weather.


Social Studies:

Tuesday and Wednesday: BYOD - Quizlet (on Mr. Bell's blog), Quizizz, Kahoot, and Monster.

Thursday: Test on European Government and Economics

Friday: Work on Country projects in class only.



This week we are working on Poetry; notes, vocabulary and quizlet.





Week of January 1st:


Happy New Year!! Welcome back!!


Social Studies:

Thursday- All students will get to participate in a Geography Bee:)

Friday- We will be working on a study guide for our test next Wednesday on European Economics and Government. 

BYOD- Friday (1/5), Monday (1/8), and Tuesday (1/9).





Book report due- February 27th

Reading Log due- February 16th


Week of December 18th:


Social Studies:

Monday-Wednesday: Students will describe and explain the role of citizens in a communist government.



Monday-Wednesday: Students will be reading/listening to our class novel, "Walk Two Moons" and answering reflection questions.


I hope everyone has a restful, safe, and happy winter break!!! See you next year;)





Week of December 11th:




Social Studies: 

Tuesday: Fill in study guides for European Governments, fill in Venn Diagram, go over with class.

Wednesday: Work on Political cartoon - European Governments: UK or Germany

Thursday: Cloze Notes on European Economics

Friday: Students will participate in a European chocolate exchange simulation activity.  


Language Arts:

Tuesday: Start in class Novel, "Walk two Moons"

Wednesday-Friday: Read in class, "Walk Two Moons", complete daily journals with predictions and figurative language.


Week of December 4th:


Social Studies:

Monday: BYOD study for test tomorrow

Tuesday: European History Test

Wednesday-Friday: We are starting our European Government Unit.



Monday-Wednesday: We will be in the computer lab taking Quarter1 ELA Touchstone tests. 






Week of November 27th:


Social Studies:

EUROPEAN HISTORY TEST NEXT TUESDAY- DECEMBER 5TH. Go to Mr. Bell's Blog for review games!

BYOD- Thursday, Friday and Monday (11/30 and 12/1 and 12/4)

Wednesday-Study Guide for test


Language Arts:

Monday: Then and Now sheet with Journal entry due.


Wednesday: Point of view, plot elements, sentence variety and sensory details - we will find/review/discuss from the story "Eleven".




Week of November 13th:


Social Studies:

Monday: The rise of Hitler and Nazism.

HOMEWORK: DUE TOMORROW- Under the bed and two poems activities.

Tuesday: The causes and results of the Nuremberg Trails.   

Wednesday and Thursday: WWII and The Cold War.

Friday: Rise of the Superpowers, reunification of Germany, and the collapse of the Soviet Union.



Monday: Pronoun quiz. Turn in book project plan.

Tuesday: Quick write: about a place you remember well when you were younger. Add sentence variety and sensory details to your writing.