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The Back to School Night senior college presentation is accessible through this link.

 Postsecondary Planning Power Point (1).pptx  




Please join us for Mindfulness Mornings in the Media Center at 8:00 A.M. every Wednesday.






Please join us every Friday at 12pm in room A121 to discuss the book. 



 Book Club





Tuesday and Thursday after school tutoring locations:

Math - A120

English - A102

ESL - A101A



**Interested students may apply for an internship with the Monmouth County Republican Committee through this link:  Intern with Monmouth County Republican Committee.pdf  **











Colts Neck High School offers a comprehensive program of studies to accommodate various educational and career goals within our school community.  Programs are designed to prepare our students for 21st century careers as well as to ensure that our students are well prepared to meet the demands of a variety of post-secondary options, be it college, vocational training or in the military. 




The Colts Neck High School Counseling Department strives to empower all students and encourage a growth mindset.  Our counselors provide myriad supports to aide our students in navigating their four years of high school.  They also offer individualized attention to each child because each child’s needs are unique.  Therefore, it is the department’s mission to assist our students academically, socially and emotionally. 


Some of our counseling services include:

Academic Advising, Guidance, and Support                         

College-Readiness Testing (ACT, SAT)

Career Preparation (Naviance)

Post-Secondary Search Resources

Individual and Group Counseling







 Naviance/Family Connection


College Board    ACT    NJ Stars 





Feel free to contact the counseling office about any of this information or to learn more about the services we provide.  We look forward to meeting you and your child.




Follow the Guidance Department on Twitter @Cnhscounselors !!




732-761-0190, ext. 1010