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Welcome to Ms. Varecka's Special Education Classroom! 


I am excited to work with your children this year! We are going to be learning so much throughout the school year and I look foward to the opportunity to help your children grow academically, communicatively and socially. 



 **Please be aware that Noecker School is a PEANUT FREE school.  Please do not send nuts of any kind or peanut butter to school. 


 As per Noecker policy, all snacks are limited to the approved list of snacks and they must be store bought with ingredient labels. 



The snacks must be brought to school THE DAY BEFORE the celebrations and approved, in advance, by our school nurse, Ms. Noronha.



As per policy, if this does not occur the snacks will be discarded.



Please refer to Noecker website for policy.


Thank you for understanding.



"I am different, not less."  Temple Grandin