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WELCOME TO Eastside Elementary 5th Grade
We will have a 3-way switch in 5th grade this year. The teachers are: Simek (ELA), Landry (Science/Social Studies), and Callicott (Math/Art/Vocal Music).
Our email addresses are:
A bit about Mrs. Callicott...
I started teaching in 1989 (Yeah, I was like only 10 years old 😉). I have taught all subjects in grades 2 -7. When people ask me when I plan to retire, my response is, "When I no longer love doing it."  Working with the kids and seeing them succeed is my happy place. I also enjoy cooking, fishing and traveling. 
I hope to see you and your child at ESE's Meet the Teacher Tuesday, August 8, between the hours of 1 and 3. My class is the first one on the left in the 5th grade hall (Mrs. Wax's old classroom). You may bring your child's supplies, so they won't have to haul them in on Friday.  
My high school sweetheart and I celebrated our 37th anniversay this summer. 
Life is still an adventure ❤️



My high school sweetheart and I celebrated our 37th anniversay this summer. Life is still an adventure ❤️