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Welcome to your 2018-2019 Math Class!


I am looking forward to seeing you grow another year in math.  I hope everyone has had a restful summer, and is ready to get back to work!


Here are a few helpful practices to being successful in math class:

1. Work as a team.  More heads are better than one!

2. STUDY! You should be trying problems everyday and equally important is  memorizing VOCABULARY!!!
3. Be in charge of your own DESTINY!  Take control of your math destiny by showing up to class ready and willing to learn, and be sure to ask questions during the lesson otherwise I will think you understand and you won't get the help you need.

4. Homework is an easy way to earn points.  Complete all problems showing your work (work must make sense to earn points) and you can earn up to 40 points each week!  More than the points, homework is how you study math and you will know what questions you need to ask the next day in class.


Be prepared to have fun, but to work hard too!


Mrs. Vidrine