Welcome to Ms. Jamison's 4th Grade Class! 



This will be a fun-filled year as we explore exciting concepts, learn new skills, and continue to grow as learners. Please use this website to access classroom information, student progress, and homework. 




Please feel free to contact me anytime: ajamison@brigantineschools.org


View your child's progress using Grade Portal: www.mygradeportal.com 




My Philosophy: 


I believe all children can and will learn in a safe, fair, and respectful classroom environment. It is my job as a teacher to care for them and ensure their growth and achievement as students. This will be accomplished by creating a student-centered classroom, meeting individual needs, and teaching in ways that my students learn best. I believe that building meaningful relationships and holding high expectations for my students are two key contributing factors for both student and teacher success. I strive to utilize my knowledge and passion in order to have an enjoyable and highly productive school year with my students.