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Metulla                                                          מטולה




Shalom Metulla!

Dear Parents,

We are delighted to be re-immersed in Hebrew language after the summer break. Our first unit of the year focuses on the concept of change in the immediate environment of the student such as physical appearance over the years, skills and abilities that grow with maturity, as well as change in personal likes and dislikes.

To support speaking and writing skills, kindly select with your child five to six photographs of him/her that depict significant physical change over the years. Please take some time over the holiday weekend to choose pictures with your child and reminisce about their growing up.

Hebrew homework will be posted on this website each week in addition to being sent home in hard copy on Mondays.

As the year gets into full swing, students will have standing weekly Hebrew assignments for each language skill.


Morah Mira, Morah Orna and Morah Osnat





I am looking forward to a wonderful year in 5th grade!


Please use this website to find helpful links, documents, homework assignments, upcoming events and attractions and any other important information pertaining to yout child's Hebrew lessons. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me ozeitouni@hlacharterschool.org.



Morah Orna




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