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Welcome to Mrs. Kirby's Classes


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(609)737-4007 ext. 1144


    I provide literacy support through our Targeted Intervention Plan to students in Grade 3.  The Targeted Intervention Plan provides interventions based on individual needs in the area of reading. Students are taught skills and strategies to strengthen academic foundations and build self-confidence through experiences that develop independence and self-reliance, improving their skills to meet grade-level expectations.   

   I also teach Basic Skills Math in Grades 2 & 3.  Basic Skills Math allows students to focus on developing a secure foundation for the skills and concepts presented in our district-wide math curriculum.  I teach the same standards that are taught within the regular classroom using a variety of support resources that give additional review and practice in areas that are more challenging. My goal is to build each child's self-confidence so that they feel comfortable with applying their understanding of math to their everyday life experiences.

   I welcome open communication with parents and I am happy to provide feedback regarding your child's progress if you choose to reach out to me.  Your support with reading books for enjoyment at home, and playing games that help to develop math skills is greatly appreciated.  

I look forward to working with your child this year!