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Toll Gate Grammar School


Going into first grade Summer Enrichment packets for our past k-gators!

Summer Enrichment Packet 1

Summer Enrichment Packet 2

Summer Enrichment Packet 3

Summer Enrichment Packet 4 

Summer Enrichment Packet 5

Summer Enrichment Packet 6

Summer Enrichment Packet 7

Summer Enrichment Packet 8



Movement and Mindfulness Breaks: Go Noodle


Love to Write? Here is paper like we have in class!

 lines with picture.pdf 

 just lines.pdf 



Raz-Kids Username: ktbooks




*If your child ever has a change in dismissal please send in a paper note with your child each day of the change. It helps us stay super organized, especially if there is a substitute that day! Thank you!!!


*If you change dismissal plans for their child on the day of, you need to call the main office or Alicia - emailing the teacher does not always work, as we may not get a chance to check out email or there may be a substitute who doesn't get to see an email you may write.


*Please send in a bag with a change of clothes to keep in your child's cubby (we recommend underwear, pants, shirt, socks). This tends to be more comfortable for the children than the clothes from the nurse if they need to change for any reason during the day!


Fundations Helpful Info:

Poems to help with b and d reversals:

b - first you have the bat, then you have the ball!

d - first you have the drum, then you have the stick!


 Fundations Key Words 

 Fundations Alphabet Strip

 Lowercase Formation Guide 

 Uppercase Formation Guide