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Vocabulary ~ Domain Specific Language



• Quizlet - Click on the photo links below to access Quizlet. Simply use the 'Flashcards' feature to study, or try your hand at 'Learn', which requires you to recall either the definition or the word. Using 'Match' is another effective way to practice your domain specific vocabulary. And, if you're really up for a challenge, try 'Gravity' but be prepared to type quickly!•




Earth in SpaceEarth in Space/Seasons Units




Moon Phases

 Moon Phases and Eclipses


  Gravity & Motion



 Heat Transfer


">earth's layers

 The  Earth System and Earth's Interior




">convection currents in Earth

Convection and the Mantle




continental drift

Continental Drift



Seafloor Spreading



 plate tectonics

 Plate Tectonics



 earthquake anatomy

  Earthquakes and Seismic Waves