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Welcome to 8th grade science! 


Our curriculum this year is mainly an introduction to physical science - in the areas of both Chemistry and Physics.  Students will be learning about matter - how to classify it, measure it, identify and distinguish it, and even separate it.  This IPS unit is filled with hands-on explorations in the lab, and proper lab safety will be very important!  We will also be studying the basics of physics, including motion, forces, energy and waves.  In these units, students will be working on several projects, such as creating a Newton's Laws presentation and building a Rube Goldberg to illustrate several types of energy transformations.



Though content is certainly important, this 8th grade curriculum emphasizes the mastering of scientific skills - from deductive reasoning, problem solving and cooperative learning to measuring and using laboratory equipment and chemicals correctly and safely.  


Remember to include Mrs. T-C's science class in your dinner conversations!  It promises to be an exciting year!