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Course Overview

Integrated Language Arts 6-8, (ILA), is a Basic Skills Program designed to improve the reading and writing skills of those students who do not yet meet grade-level proficiencies. This instruction is provided as a supplemental intervention that is in addition to a student's language arts class, and it is aimed at teaching students the skills and strategies necessary to help them perform on grade level, as well as transfer skill sets to content area classes.  This program recognizes individual learning differences and strives to build students' competencies and confidence.  Students will be provided with research-based interventions in small groups.  The mode of providing instruction is determined by the skill level of the group and the needs of the students. Since the skill level will vary from group to group and year to year, standards that may not have been solidified in previous years should be considered as part of the individualized instruction.  The following suggested assessments and guidelines will be of assistance in helping to determine the future of instructional planning and teaching, but these are not limited to what is listed.  Infused resources from content classes will help ensure a bridge to learning and further enhance transfer of knowledge.