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Timberlane Middle School Band


5th Grade Band Parent/Student Information:

Please complete the Google form for the 5th Grade Band Experience Open House:





Woodwind and Brass Lesson Schedule

Lesson Schedule 2/26


 Instrument Selection and Accessories Guide:






Swag Order Forms:  Due Friday, October 5, 2018



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 Fun Music and Instrument Lessons:

Looking for some fun songs and pops songs to play, or want to take some online lessons? Then you should check out:


Music Theory:

Want to improve your knowledge of music theory? Than you should check out:


Music Racer:


Music Notation:


Attention All Percussion Students:

Do you like video games? Want to improve your snare drum playing?

Then try your luck as you reach new levels practicing rudiments on the Vic Firth Youtube Channel:


Here are some fun Percussion Cadences:




Attention All Woodwind and Brass Musicians:

Do you want to learn to play better in tune?  If so, you should download the FREE mobile app called Bandmate Chromatic Tuner.  It will really help you to use when practicing at home. 



 Attention All Percussion, Woodwind and Brass Students:

Want to learn to play better in time?  If so, you should download a free Metronome app to help you play better in time.  This is especially helpful for practicing scales. 


More Music Games:


Why Music?

Want to train your brain? Try music:

Want to raise your I.Q.? Try this:


Here are 18 reasons to play an  instrument:


How playing an instrument benefits your brain:


Why getting an "A" is not good enough:


Band Parents, 

Are you looking for some gift ideas for your young musicians?:


Band Students, 

Looking for some fun songs to play?:




How to Clean and Maintain your Instrument:




Looking for some interesting information and videos about your instrument . . .click below:



Interested in someday becoming a member of the MBG?:

MBG 2015-16 Recruitment Video.mp4

MBG Night with Timberlane.mp4





Youth Orchestra of Central Jersey (YOCJ)

Please enjoy these videos:


Landfill Harmonic - The Music Makers from Paraguay:



Note Trainer:

This is a very useful and easy to use site that shows you how many note identification answers you get right or wrong, and what percentage you get right!  Click on the 'Settings' button to change the clef.  You can also drag the notes up or down to customize the range you're working on. 


This is an excellent exercise for percussion students, helping them learn to quickly associate notes on the staff with their visual image on the keyboard.
Level 1 is the only level that is not percussion-specific.