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 Second Chance Learning- Request to Reassess Form: TMS Social Studies Department



  • Students may redo one assessment per marking period. 

  • virtual

  • Students must have completed a minimum 80% of homework, classwork, projects for a specific unit in order to be eligible for the retake

  • Students must have made a good-faith effort to complete the original assessment to be eligible for the retake

  • Student’s grade will be averaged with the previous assessment  score. 



  • Complete this form and submit to the teacher 

  • If necessary, make an appointment to meet with your teacher to discuss the first assessment and strategies you will use to improve your understanding

  • Schedule a time with the teacher to take the reassessment

  • Complete reassessment


Student Information:

  • Name____________________________________________

  • Date:____________________________________________

  • Teacher:____________________________________

  • Class Period:_______________________________________

  • Assessment to Retake:________________________________



  • Score on original assessment:_______________


  • Please outline below what steps you utilized to prepare for the original assessment. Provide specific evidence as needed (i.e., completed study guide, flashcards, etc.).


  • Reflect upon why you did not master the concepts of the assessment. Why were you not prepared for the original assessment?


  • What are the specific concepts that need to be mastered from the original assessment?


  • What will you do differently in preparation for future assessments?


  • List strategies that will be employed to improve your understanding of the content.




Student Name/ Date__________________________________________/______________


Parent or Guardian Name/Date___________________________________/_____________


Teacher Name/Date__________________________________________/______________