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The social studies program for grades six introduces students to the study of the history, culture, and geography of ancient civilizations.

Our students today are living in an increasingly interdependent and diverse world and it is here in the middle grades that students are especially open and receptive to the study of people and cultures that are different from themselves. The 6th grade program seeks to enable students to follow with interest the origin and development of major Western and non-Western civilizations. The program begins with developing students’ knowledge of geography and culture. Students continue the study of humans and cultures, the rise of ancient river civilizations, and emerging empires.

A sound world cultures and geography course provides the perspectives, information, concepts, and skills for students to understand themselves, their relationship to the Earth and their interdependence with other peoples of the world. The 6th grade social studies curriculum looks to enhance our students’ ability to enter and live in an interdependent and diverse world.




  • Geography
  • Early Humans and Migration
  • Ancient River Valleys

           - Egypt, Sumer, China and India

  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome


Keys to Success:

  • Come to class prepared - Bring your assignment pad, folder, and writing utensil EVERY DAY
  • Look on the right side of the whiteboard for Homework Assignments - record in your assignment pad
  • Look to the left side of the whiteboard for the To Do and Agenda for the day
  • Stay engaged in class, ask questions, record important info and encourage others
  • Think! Slow down and think before you act.