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Welcome to my page!


This web-site is a resource created for parents and students to provide a better understanding of different areas of speech and language.  It provides resources to help improve these areas in fun and interesting ways, since like most new skills, the more you practice, the more improvement you'll see.


It also includes information regarding our approach to Social Skills intervention at Stony Brook. We use the basic language and ideals from the Michelle Garcia-Winner "Think Social" program and supplement them with books, videos, games, and lessons on a variety of topics impacting a child's social-emotional, behavioral and character-building skills. The vocabulary and key concepts are used in all four of our elementary schools and to some extent in TMS and CHS. Please familiarize yourself with these concepts and find ways to introduce them in your interactions with your child. The students respond well to the simplicity and positive tone of the program.


If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 


Mrs. Skaar