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Reading Unit of Study: 




 This unit of study was created to help students gain a deeper level of comprehension through discussions with others. Book clubs give students a chance to think and talk about books in an authentic setting. It also allows students to build meaning with others and to gain insight into their own lives. We are hoping that through this unit students will gain a deeper understanding of genres and social issues through discussions and personal connections with texts. By making personal connections students will be drawn into their books.



According to Donna Santman, “Kids need to understand that making a personal connection is about more than naming the ways we are like or not like the characters in books...It also means connecting to the text on an emotional level and examining those emotions.” Shades of Meaning: Comprehension and Interpretation in Middle School by Donna Santman. (2005). In The Art of Teaching Reading (2001), Lucy Calkins writes, “For me and so many people I know, books are a lantern, helping us find our path in life. They give us heroes, and they give us mentors in the real work of being human, of dealing with delight, loss, anger, hope, passion, jealousy, and mystery. For many of us reading is not a way to kill time; instead reading is a way to make a life.”