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                                                                                       August 2019


Dear Fourth Grade Students and Parents,


Welcome to fourth grade!  I hope you have had a great summer and are as excited as I am to begin a new school year! Following is a list of supplies that you will need to start your year. There may be additional supplies needed during the year.


  1. Writing tools:  Two dozen #2 pencils, erasers, colored pencils, one highlighter, ball point pens – one red, one blue or black, and a small box of crayons (More pencils will be needed throughout the year.)

  2. A pencil case or pouch to hold supplies:  It should be able to fit in your desk.

  3. One composition notebook with lines

  4. Several small post-it notepads – 2” x 1.5 “ 

  5. One three subject notebook with pockets

  6. One pocket-folder to be used as a homework/take home folder

  7. One small pair of Ear buds that can be stored in a pencil case and kept at school.

  8. Independent reading book – Please bring this with you on the first day of school.

  9. Snack - optional


Please refrain from purchasing locker decorations.


The first day of school is Thursday, Sept. 5. I will meet you outside on the blacktop.  In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your summer!


                                  Sincerely yours,

                                          Mrs Maloney








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