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Fourth Grade Chorus


This class is an introduction to choral singing.  All fourth grade students are taught how to sing healthily

by learning about:

  • proper posture
  • breathing & breath support
  • good tonal quality
  • clear diction
  • beginning score-reading
  • unison & part-singing


Rehearsals are on Wednesday mornings from 8:50 - 9:37am.  


Fifth Grade Chorus


This class further develops the young singer's musical skills with the addition of:

  • sight-reading 
  • two- and three-part singing
  • repertoire in foreign languages
  • opportunities for solo performances


Rehearsals are on Monday mornings from 8:50 - 9:37am.  If a rehearsal is missed due to a school holiday, rehearsals will take place on Fridays at the same time.



Both choruses perform at the Winter and Spring Concerts.  This year's performances are on Thursday, December 17 and Thursday, June, 2 at 7pm in the Performing Arts Center.