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Dear Parents/Guardians:

With cold and flu season upon us, I would like to offer a few guidelines to help you decide if you should keep your child/children home from school.

If you child has any of the following symptoms, please consider his/her health and the health of other students and staff in your decision.

1.  A temperature of 100.4 degrees F or higher.  Students must remain home until  they are fever free without medication (like Tylenol or Advil) for 24 hours.  The CDC also recommends that all people with fever and/or influenza type illness stay home from work, school, travel, shopping, social events and public gatherings.  Students who have been home sick for the day should not attend after school/evening events at the school.

 2.  A cough that is associated with wheezing, or a constant cough that interferes with his/her ability or the ability of others to concentrate and perform while in school.

3.  A constantly runny nose, especially in a child who cannot wipe or blow his/her own nose effectively.

4.  Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.  A child should remain home until he/she can tolerate normal meals without nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

5.  Bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye) with discharge from one or both eyes.  Children  must be kept home until appropriate therapy has begun and eyes are free of crusting, weeping or discharge.

6.  Children diagnosed with strep throat should remain home until they have been on antibiotic therapy for 24 hours and have also been fever free for that period of time.

7.  A child with a suspected contagious skin rash (i.e., chicken pox, impetigo, etc.) should  be kept home until it can be determined that the rash is not contagious.

8.  If a child does not feel well, has diminished appetite, severe fatigue or just does not appear to be "himself/herself" please consider keeping him/her home from school.

There will of course be other instances that keep a child home from school.  If your child becomes sick at school, I will contact you to take him/her home.  Please be sure we have accurate emergency contact numbers.  You can update your information using the Oncourse portal.

Please also call the health office to report communicable illnesses such as flu like illness, strep throat, chicken pox or impetigo.  Please remember to call the Telesafe line (609-737-4005, #2) each day your child will be absent or tardy (for any reason).

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Pam Vaccaro, BSN, RN, CSN 

609-737-4005 EXT. 5705 or option #3