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Welcome Parents,


Did you know that learning to read can be a challenge for almost 40 percent of children? The good news is, with early help, most reading problems can be prevented.  


A lot of parents may wonder, "Why is this so hard for my child?" The answers aren't clear, but scientists have discovered the brain of a child with reading problems handles reading differently than that of a strong reader.

Some children may have a disability that makes reading difficult to learn. Others come to school without the literacy experiences they need to become readers. Some children just struggle.  When these and other risk factors are identified early, though, many children's reading difficulties can be prevented.

Early identification is key. Once we determine which area a young learner is struggling in, we can apply a variety of targeted techniques to promote reading growth. It’s amazing how quickly young readers learn and grow. Our goal is get your child on the right path to catching up to, and even reaching, reading benchmark targets.



Leigh Fesmire

Literacy Support

Grades K & 1