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Playing Sports at Hopewell Valley Regional High School


Procedures for Parents and Students


To register for sports at HVCHS please connect through the following link:


Getting your forms in early is the best practice!  This process can take a couple weeks to complete.


Steps to a successful sports registration: 


Step 1:  Determine if your Athlete needs a Full Physical or a Health Update:  (You need to submit some kind of form prior to every sports season)

  • Athletes must have a current sports physical exam on file in the School Nurses Office.  Please note, physicals are good for 1 year (365 Days) from the exact date of last physical.  NJ Law requires that a paper copy    be kept on file in the school's nurses office. If you are unsure of what your child needs, PLEASE CALL US IN THE HEALTH OFFICE (609) 737-4003 ext 3537 or email us at or
  • If your Athlete needs a full physical please Download the  Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Forms here.  
      • Parents/Guardians must complete page 1 & 2(if applicable).  Please make sure you explain in the narrative section anything you marked as 'YES".
      • Your physician is required to complete pages 3 & 4, including the vision section. 
      • Please ensure all required signatures are provided.
  • If there is a current physical on file with the school nurse, you are only required to complete the Health History Update Questionnaire Form
      • We only want to know health changes from the last paperwork submission.
      • Please ensure all required signatures are provided.
  • Once the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Forms or the Health History Update Questionnaire Form is completed, please submit to the school nurses office.  For your conveinence and so that there is a record of the physical on this database, you can also scan it and submit the completed medical forms online. 



Step 2:  Central High School Registration Form-  This must be completed each season in order to ensure registration for each sport.  


Step 3: Once your athletes sports health forms are processed, we will send you an email that we have received it.  If you do not hear from us within a couple days, please call us in the health office.  If we have any questions or concerns we will call you.


Step 4:  The nurses will send the medical forms to the school's physician for final approval.  If the doctor has any questions, we will contact you.  Please know this process can take 7-10 business days.


Step 5:  When your athlete's physical is approved we will send an email stating it is approved and they are now cleared to play sports in the upcoming season.