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Health Screenings


Hopewell Valley Central High School Health Services Program is designed to maximize an individual's health potential and provide a broad spectrum of health services to students.



The following comprehensive school health services are provided to students:


9th grade: Height, Weight, Blood Pressure and Scoliosis screening

10th grade: Height, Weight, Blood Pressure and Vision

11th grade: Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Hearing and Scoliosis Screening

12th grade: Height, Weight, Blood Pressure



Vision Screening

The vision screening program (N.J.S.A. 18A:40-1) is performed to screen for visual acuity and color perception. Vision screenings will be done during the 10th grade physical; then as needed. Students identified as needing follow-up will be referred to their private medical doctor.


Hearing Screening 

Hearing screenings will be done during the 11th grade physical. Hearing screenings are also provided as needed at any time.


Health Appraisals

Health appraisals are conducted to assess normal growth and development. Significant changes in growth and development patterns will be discussed with the student and/or parent. Blood pressure screening is conducted to identify students at risk for hypertension. Health counseling regarding nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle will be provided. Appropriate referrals to private physicians will be made when necessary.


Scoliosis Screenings

Scoliosis is the lateral curvature of the spine most commonly detected during the adolescent growth period.  This will be done during the 9th grade physical and then in grade 11 by the school nurse. Parents have the right to refuse this examination and can call us in the office for information.