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What should I do when my child is going to be absent or late?


If you would like to report an absence, please call the attendance line and leave a message by 8am.   Attendance Line #:  (609) 737-4003 option 1.  Please tell us your child's name, grade and information regarding absence.  Information is confidential and will be shared with us if medically related. We do track all illness in the school and all information is helpful.  This phone line is available for convenience 24 hours a day.


What should I do when my child will have an extended absence, such as a family vacation?  


Please contact the attendance line Attendance Line #:  (609) 737-4003 option 1


My child wants to play a sport?  How do I go about doing that?


Please see our page regarding sports physicals.


When should I keep my child home?


At HVCHS we like to keep contagious illness to a minimum if possible.  Please keep your child home if:

  • they have had a fever of 100.F or greater.  The must be fever free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication of any kind
  • they have been vomiting and/or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours
  • they have an unexplained rash. Please take them to the physician and get a note saying they can return to school.
  • they were prescribed antibiotics by a physican for a contagious illness such as strep, impetigo or any other contagious illness.  They must be on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning.  


What should I do if my child requires medications to be taken during school hours?

  • You may go to my Health Office Forms page and download the Request for Administration of Medication in School form.
  • Complete the form including parent section on the bottom half and physician order and signature on the upper half.
  • Please be sure the physician writes administration instructions on the form.
  • Deliver medication in the original container that is labeled from the pharmacy or in the original box for an OTC medication.
  • Administration form MUST accompany medication.
  • PARENTS must bring medication to school (not students).


What should I do if my child sustains an injury, has surgery or illness and needs to be excused from physical education and/or recess?

  • Please bring a note from your physician stating the length reasons for the excuse/diagnosis and the length of time your child needs to be excused from physical education and/or recess. Please make sure the physician includes recess instructions on the note.  If your child has been to the hospital, the E.R. physician may provide the note.
  • If your child has an arm cast and will be unable to write or use a pencil for an extended period of time, please call us in the office.  Please also send a physician note with care instructions.  
  • If your child needs skilled nursing services for any new diagnosis, please call us in my office.


What should I do if I think my child has lice?  

  • Lice are not life threatening and the situation can be resolved.  
  • Please call us and let's talk.  We would rather you tell us than hide it, so we can get it under control together.
  • There are many treatments for lice and there will be a product that will meet your families needs. 
  • We will be glad to help you with checks as needed at school in a private setting.