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Communities -  Rural, Urban and Suburban

Unit 1 of Grade 2 focuses its instructional attention on the influences of a community's geography, as well as taking a closer look at different types of communities. Students will consider how communities are the same and different. They will think about and discover how population density and use of land are some of the characteristics that define and distinguish one type of community from another. Students will also delve into how geography and natural resources shape where and how communities develop and sustain themselves. They will also have a chance to consider how people share similarities and differences with others in their own community and with other communities.



Our Community Over Time

Unit 2 of Grade 2 focuses its instructional attention on our community and how it has sustained and changed over time. Students will explore evidence of change through maps, photographs, artifacts and firsthand experiences. They will consider the cause-effect relationship between people and events of the past and those of the present. Students will grow in their appreciation of the rich history that has shaped and influenced Hopewell Valley and its surrounding towns.



Rights, Rules and Responsibilites

 Unit 3 of Grade 2 focuses its instructional attention on the rights, rules and responsibilities of American citizens. Students wil have a chance to explore the basic principles of democracy, and how these principles are reflected in our own communities. Students will explore the election process, national symbols, and how rules and laws affect how communities function. Students will recognize that all citizens play a role in the democratic process and contribute to a community's government through leadership and service.