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Mrs. Cline's 7th Grade Math

Welcome!  I look forward to working with you all. We are going to have a fun year filled with great attitudes, technology, and exciting math topics!



  • What does our day look like?


When students come in the door they will start on bellwork as I  go around and check for homework assignments. Homework will be posted on the school website and on Google Classroom at times.   Once I check the homework, we will then go through and review homework/questions .  After checking homework we then move into the lesson for the day.   Following instruction the students will then work on practice problems, both with others and independently, so that they are seeing examples in class that they will see in the homework.  Sometimes we may do a class activity to reinforce the new concepts.  Students will be assigned homework every night relating to the lesson that day. 


The students will have online access to the textbook and can use more resources at home and in the classroom.  




  • Syllabus/Class Information:


Please click on the link on the side to find the syllabus and additional information. 




  • Parents:


If you would like to contact me, please do not hesitate.  I am always happy to talk you about your son or daughter.  


Anne Cline


School phone number (239)267-5757