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Welcome to Math and Science 

We Rock! 





I'd like to welcome all my new students and their families!


My name is Jose Pereira, and I will be your child's 6th grade Math and Science teacher. This will be my 26th year teaching children of Hillside. 




Ola Edwards Community School 6th grade will be activity involved in creating inquiry-based lessons that are directly linked to hands on learning in Math, Science and Social Studies. The learning model allows for academic freedom for those students that are Kinesthic as well as Linguistic learners. In addition, the lessons are based on pedagogical practices inclined to make modifications for students with certain academic needs, to those students who need to be intellectually challenged.




The 6th Grade Science curriculum is set up in three sections comprising of three Science kits:


  -The first kit is called Weather and Water and it is based on meteorology. The lessons begin in September and run through January.


There are a series of quizzes, tests, and projects.




-The second kit is called Light and Sound Waves. 


The lessons focus on the behavior of light as it travels in a straight line. Also included in the kit are sound waves as they travel through the air. The lessons begin at the end of January and go on through the beginning of March. There are a series of quizzes, tests and projects.




- The third kit is called Diversity of Life.


The focus of instruction is based on basic plant and animal Biology. The lessons will run from the second week of March until June. There are a series of quizzes, tests, and projects.




The Math Program is Envision by Pearson which is series of mathematical scenarios designed to test and develop critical thinking skills to be applied to real world events.




The Social Studies Program My World is designed to be an interactive journey into the world and its ancient beauty. The program explores historical events and cultures that have evolved and how they exist today.




Move this World interactive student self-esteem program




Health will be taught once a week and it will touch on a variety of topics from Conflict Resolution, Bullying, respect, positive attitude etc.




Any questions or concerns please contact me @ [email protected]


Office hours Tuesday and Wednesday 3:00-3:15 pm