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Hello and thank you for visiting!                               2017/2018 School Year


We are excited about what is coming up in your Physical Education class and you will be too:-) see below


Lab Challenge:  Your students will be working together with their class to participate in a 5 Minute Run.  The class that completes the most laps within the time allotted will be awarded the Golden Sneaker Trophy and will display it proudly in their classroom.  Second and third place classes will recieve  ribbons.  Students are encouraged to run for 3-5 minutes EVERYDAY to increase their stamina.


Homework:  Every student has homework everyday...see below!


Third Grade                      Forth Grade

10 jumping jacks                25 Jumping Jacks

5 push-ups                        10 push-ups (can modify if needed) 

5 sit-ups                           10 sit-ups (hands on the floor is ok when needed)


This can be done in the morning before school, after school or before bed.  Its just a small addition to their daily activities that will help build a little muscle and keep a fitness mind set.


September-  Fitness Circuits

                    Warm-up: Juggling


October -   Flying disk

                  Warm-up: "Cooperatives"


November - Basketball

                   Warm-up: Jump rope


December   -  Volleyball

                 Warm-up: Juggling


January      - Stunts and Tumbling

                 Warm-up: Daily dozen


February     - Jumping Rope Routines 

                 Warm-up: walk/run/jog


March     - Hockey

                Warm-up: Group Fitness


April       - Soccer

              Warm-up: Aerobic Games


May       -Softball

              Warm-up: Chasing and Fleeing


June        -Football

              Warm-up Fitness Challenges




We will be collecting donations for the American Heart Association and participating in a Jump Rope for Heart Event. During this month the students will be creating jumprope routines in Physical Education class.



Our Super Fun Field Day is scheduled for Friday May 25th 2018!

Please consider Volunteering for this very active event!  The more volunteers we have the more FUN we can create for our students!  When students see teachers, parents and family members all working togerther it creates a positive relationships and provides a sense of community.


Always remember...

you are BRAVER that you believe

STRONGER than you seem

and SMARTER than you think


We will always expect you to try and do your very best because trying is practice and practice makes you better:-)


Mr. Martz

Mr. Lewis