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"Every man is my teacher that I may learn from him."

-- Unknown



Welcome! I'd like to share some brief information about myself. I've been a Special Education teacher here in Hillside for 24 years...(Whew!) and have a deep an abiding interest and concern for all special learning needs students. I strive to help all of them reach their highest potential each and everyday. 




On-going Goals:


  1. Increase student reading comprehension- Understanding WHAT you've read, how to respond to the text, make inferences, note the main idea and draw conclusions.
  2. Develope skills working with division, fractions, decimals and percents -  long divison, finding equivilant fractions, reading decimals and percents.
  3. Writing - Write a complete and interesting  3 paragrgaph narrative, opinion and expository (a "how-to") essay.



Check back for updates to our goals and notes on our progress. We're looking forward to success this school year!    --- Mr. J. Kitchell