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Welcome to Grade 4 students and parents to the 2017-2018 school year. Let's continue to work together to make this year the best that it can be! 


A few simple steps will help lead to a successful year. For example:

Please remember to read for at least 15 minutes everynight. Find a nice, cozy place away from noise and distractions and enjoy a good book. Getting to know characters and predicting what may happen next will motivate you to return to the book the next night. When you're finished reading, write a short review and share it with a friend. Your reccommendation may prompt him or her to read the same book. Then, you can share opinions, discuss characters and predict what might happen next.


Another tip for success is to study your basic math facts. Knowing your multiplication tables will help you in all aspects of math, not only in grade 4, but for the rest of your life!


Finally, remember that homework is not a punishment! It's a simple way to practice what you've learned and prepare for what is being introduced next. Keeping current with homework helps make you a motivated student.

(Don't worry....I won't give too much!).