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Mrs. Krzyzanowski AKA: Mrs. "K"

Physical Education Teacher

Ola Edwards Community School

All Grades

Ski Schedule 








Parents and Guardians:

Please have your students be "prepared" for PE on their scheduled days.

Sneakers are most important, as running and playing in "school shoes" can be dangerous for students.

We have a uniform but it is not required to participate.Comfy movable clothes are optimal for allowing students to move and stretch in class.

Please Note: Students who wear dresses or skirts are encouraged wear short underneath as we sit on the floor and I want them to feel comfortable.















 [email protected]

Ola Edwards Community School

phone 908-315-3041




Personal Information:

I have a BS Degree in Health & Physical Education From Montclair State University.
A MS Degree in Education from the University of New England.
I am very happy to be starting my 26th year as a Teacher!!
I was at Hillsideside High School fo 15 years, 2 years at AP Morris, and now entering my 5th year at
Ola Edwards Community School.




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If you had FUN, then you WON!