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There were several teachers who helped me and supported me through the years. Condit Atkinson was extremely important as an educator and mentor through my early years of music education at Middlesex County College. Those memories are centered in my heart as I now have the opportunity to give back to others as a teacher. I also thank the memory of Tony DiNicola ( drums ) who instructed me as a player at The College of New Jersey. These individuals have given me much to be thankful for as they spent many hours supporting me and inspiring me. During my tenure in music I had many opportunities to perform with hundreds of musicians in many genres. It was an exciting life, but, eventually an exhausting one. At  The College of New Jersey I spent many seasons as a music major but eventually transitioned to elementary education. After completing college, I enrolled in a masters program at Kean University while teaching in Hillside. As an educator, I focus on all the general subjects. In third grade, I will encourage our young students to develop self control, and respect authority. It is important to give them an appreciation for numbers and number sense, as well as, a strong foundation in the basic structures for reading and writing. The curriculum also focuses on technology. Students will be encouraged to combine technology skills with traditional skills. Most important, I will try to inspire and influence our young students to be serious, dedicated and excited about learning. It is important for our young adults to develop self discipline and the determination to work through situations that are difficult. We must meet the challenges that are presented in life and find solutions to manage these moments. "Ready,Set,Excel"


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                                                                                                 Mr. Dennis Nardone             


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Please note: Special Classes -- Physical Education: Mon. / Tues.

                                              -- World Language: Tues.

                                              -- Library: Wed.

                                              -- Art: Thurs. 

                                              -- Music: Fri.









                                Multiplication //  Division      


Students will open-up each lesson with mental math. They will use a variety of sound objects that when put together will form an arithmetic solution. Each sound object will designate a perticular count. Adding and subtracting as well as multiplication will be used to mentally layer the patterns  Example : tap desk =+5 /// clap hands = +10 /// tap foot = -2 //   Desk 5 x=25 // clap hands 4x = 40 // tap ft. 6x = -12 // now figure out the result ==  25+40-12=?  Can you do it? Our kids love doing this and they even come up with their own configurations. 


Our students are focusing on mastering the times tables. They are learning how to build a times table using helper facts. ( If 6x3=18 then 6x4=24 -- just add 6 to 18 and you will get 24 -- You can now figure out 6x9 by using the same system -- of course memorizing the table is important it is also important to gain an understanding of how the tables are built. Also 6x3 is the same as 6+6+6.  


Students are currently gaining an understanding of word problems and how to organize them in order to solve them. Each math group will work together to create a problem. Students will share them in discussion during a Q/A session.  



                                                LANGUAGE ARTS


                                Informational Writing


Students are focusing on strong introductions and well organized conclusions. Our "young scholars" have gained much experience supporting a main idea with supporting details. We are now putting together the whole package from the introduction to the details encompasing the main idea with an overall writing structure ( organization ) and a compelling lead to a restated conclusion. We are proud of our students. 




Students will begin investigating reflected light. Students will use mirrors to experience the reflection of light. Using flashlights and mirrors students will experience light bouncing off the surface of a mirror. They will combine several mirrors and organize them in such a way as to reflect the light from one mirror to another. They will develop combinations of mirror angles and will observe light ricocheting in a striaght line from one mirror to another.