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Ms. L. McWilliams:  Art teacher of all Kindergarten and First Grade students at AP Morris School and tacher of Grade 2nd-6th grade students at Calvin Coolodge School in Hillside. Our Art program focuses on building fundamental skills needed for children to express themselves artistically.  Special emphasis is placed on  painting, drawing, sketching,and collage.  Children love Art and are encouraged to always practice and create art work at home.


During the first semesrer, our art program is focused on becoming familiar with the art room and the safe and proper use of materials. Drawing, cutting various materials with a scissor, glue application, color application and basic painting are the areas of learning in art. Students tipically to sit in groups while working together with materials. Students also become familiar with teacher demonstrations and develop the learning skills of careful listening and watching art techniques. Students then are able to practice these ideas in their own work at their tables. Students learn to work together and "problem solve". At the end of the art period our young learners are able to sit together on a carpet to view and discuss the classes' artwork.


Students are very eager to start making art and want to start right away. Drawing such things as colorful landscapes, still lifes and abstracts are done. Painting, drawing by sketching and collage making are done. The use materials including chalk pastels, markers, oil pastels, modeling clay for sculpture is how they start of the school year. Art History is introduced by viewing the work of important artists and artistic periods. Through discussion, students' vocabulary grows when they hear and use new words related to art. Their ability, interest and curiosity grows as we move into the year. 


As the school year progresses it's important for children to practice their own ideas, and techniques introduced in class to expand their skills at home for homework.  Having a small work area set aside for doing art in the home,that includes basic art supplies is a great way to encourage learning and develops the creative process. Excitement about art usually grows and they look forward to having art. Students who struggle should be eased and encouraged to enjoy the process of creating and not focus so much on the end result.

Making art at home is always a good idea. Students can practice ideas that they learn in class and become more independent thinkers and confident about their work and confident about themselves.


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