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Welcome to 2nd Grade!



   I'd like to welcome all of my new students and their families to 2nd grade! We are ready to start a SUPER new school year. My name is Kelly Ronca, and I will be your child's 2nd grade teacher this year. This will be my 19th year educating the children of Hillside in both Pre-K and 2nd grade. I recieved my B.A. in Early Childhood Education from Kean University as well as my M.S. in the field of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction. I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of the 2013 Teacher of the Year award at Calvin Coolidge School. Thank you so much for sharing your 2nd grader with me this year - I am SO excited to spend my days with your child as we learn together. Thank you in advance for your partnership. Together we can make a difference! 


Staying in Touch


   It is very important for us to keep the lines of communication open, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions, concerns, or if you would just like to chat. My email address is [email protected] and the school phone number is 908-315-3041. In addition, I will also be using the Class Dojo app to send communications home to you via text. Instructions on how to sign up were sent home with your child. 


Office Hours


Tuesday & Thursday 8:15-8:30 AM



Our Weekly Specials Schedule 


Monday - World Language

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Physical Education & World Language

Friday - Physical Education 




 Classroom Rules and Expectations



1. Be a leader! Always do your best. 

2. Respect everyone and everything around you. 

3. Listen to others.

4. Speak kindly. 

5. Work as a team. 

6. Be helpful and responsible. 


*BIG RULE: Listen when your teacher is talking!


Following the rules and making smart choices will get you very far in life! It may even get you some stickers and extra recess time! :) For those who choose to break the rules, you will receive a warning, time away from a fun activity, or lastly a call home or a note home to your parents to notify them of your classroom choices. 


2nd Grade Supplies


Students will need 2 writing notebooks. Please pick out a fun one that makes you smile big! A journal that you LOVE makes writing so fun!


Students will need a stocked pencil case in school at all times throughout the school year. Please have the following supplies in a durable pencil case:


- Pencils 

- Erasers

- Crayons

- Colored Pencils

- Markers 

- 1 Dry Erase Marker 

- 1 Highlighter 

- 1 Glue Stick (No liquid glue)


Please find a pencil case that is large enough to fit all the items listed above, but small enough to fit inside your desk. 


It is each student's responsibility to let your grown-ups at home know when a supply in your pencil box is running low. Grown-ups, please check in with your child monthly and ask if they need anything. I'd reccommend buying in bulk now and having your supply at home to pull from when your pencil case is running low. This pencil case may be taken home each day to use to complete homework assignments. However, it MUST be returned the next day. 


Please note: A yellow daily take home folder has been provided to you. This folder will go home every day. Please look through the folder with a grown-up daily and return the folder to school everyday.