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April Showers Bring May Flowers!

 2017 - 2018 School Year



We are now heading into the warmer weather of spring and all the fun and exciting things we do for the spring holidays such as gardening and spending time out of doors.  We are starting with lots of fun and exciting new activities.   


At the start of this year we focused on learning how to use RACE in our writing.   We will also begin to work on learning about pulling context clues from informational texts and how we can pull new and relevant information about things we want to learn about.  Also we will be discussing biographies and we will look at famous people and how they came to be famous.  This month we are looking at how communites grow and change and how we as a communnity need to work together and become better and more productive citizens.  In Social Studies we will be learning about how aour government works and what they did and how they lived.  This should be an exciting month of new ideas and fun facts about our world.    


 For Science we will be studying the crayfish and our friendly black bess beetles.  There will be lots of fun and exciting things to do this month.  


I look forward to learning many new and exciting things together as you learn in grow in Third Grade.