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                    Physical Education builds a healthy Nation!!!!!!!



                    Being Prepared for PE class


                    I would like to remind you that being prepared for Physical Education class with the proper footwear (sneakers or rubber soled shoes with a strap across the top of the foot). For safety reasons we cannot permit children to participate in class if they are wearing snow boots, work boots, Uggs, crocs, sandals, dress shoes or shoes with heels.


Please check your childs special area schedule and note whe he/she has physical education class. We do allow the students to change into their sneakers before the start of class so sending them in with their sneakers is always an option.


                   Thank You


                   Rich Riccardi

                   (PE Teacher)  




    Hoop a Thon  


    Jump Rope Contest


    Fitness: Daily discussions on fitness, nutrition and health.


    In June students  will participate in Field Day !!!!>drills              Please click on the following links to see what we have been learning in class.                                  Students will be advised ahead of time so they can view the acivity before                             it is taught in class.


March 16th-April 10th Students will create an activity journal  Each day they will record at least 30 minutes of exercise. List the exercises performed and and have a parent/gaurdian sign it. 


Example  List of exercises that can be performed. Planks, arm circles, burpees, push ups, pull ups, curl ups, squats, lunges, wall sits, jumping jacks, mountain climbers. running in place. wii fit. just dance>warmups