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                                              My Bio


I have been a teacher in Hillside for 31 years! I grew up in Hillside until the age of 12 so I feel that my roots are here.I received my masters degree in 2006 and I believe that learning never stops.



I know your children will love school and continue to love learning throughout their entire lives. I am always available via e-mail communication, and I look forward to having a working relationship with you this school year! 


My email is :)



                   Welcome to our class page! 




We are excited for the start of a new school year and meeting your children. Our mission is to help your child grow academically, socially, and emotionally in order to reach their best potential.


           I am very proud to be your child's teacher and I can see that we are going to be a great classroom "Family". We welcome you anytime to come in to read, play, and create with us. Just let me know your availability and we will set it up.This year my classroom is an inclusion class. That means I will also be working together with Mrs. Hardy who is a special education teacher pre-K through 8th grade. 


Miss Beverly is our new Para-Professional in our room who will also work  with your child. Together we aim for your child to reach their highest potential in this school year academically, socially, and emotionally.




              If you have any questions or concerns reach out to me and/or Mrs. Hardy via a note in your child's folder, or school email as we discussed at back to school night.


 Thank you for sending in extra clothing ! If you haven't done so yet, please send it in as soon as you can, and always replenish if soiled clothes come home from a spill or bathroom accident.

Please remember to have your child's bus pass on their bookbag if you want them to ride the bus. If it is not on their bag they will not be put on the bus.

                 Please send a snack each day with your child. Our snack time is in the afternoon before dismissal time, but sometimes we change our schedule due to school circumstances. 

                Please empty your child's folder each day, fill out any information that is needed for the school, and send the folder back. Thank you!



Your child is welcome to bring in a small blanket for rest time and a small stuffed animal if that helps soothe them.




Create a special library shelf for your child to show how exciting it is to read and learn about everything!! This is simple to do by ordering some books from the scholastic pamphlets that I will send home monthly. The books are very inexpensive and they touch upon important subjects for your young learners. 


We continue to learn about the character education traits which include, respect, responsibility, compassion, and others. 

Each month a student is chosen to be the BEE of the MONTH who exhibited the particular trait for that month. The scholars love being chosen ,having a special treat, and their picture taken which is displayed in our hallway. It feels great to be proud of yourself!!


We are beginning to learn about Spring and all of the wonderful changes the season offers,along with the special holidays for different cultures. The children will plant popcorn seeds and learn how they root and grow. Watching the stems come up is always so exciting for them to see.


So many of the scholars are beginning to read sight words and sound words out, so please practice at home and read together as often as possible.  This will help your child become a reader and you will have priceless bonding time.



We are really becoming math wizards learning so much from our STEAM activities and exploring many different ways to solve problems.


Have a meaningful Easter, Passover, or simply a spring break!



My personal philosophy is to be kind, compassionate, and calm. If you show this through your actions these traits will then be passed on to your children. This will benefit them greatly in their life. 


Happy Spring!!!!





Mrs. Burkat

Mrs. Hardy

Miss Beverly