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On Friday, March 27th we will enjoy our Color Day Celebration for the color Green!  Keep it simple and fun for your child. 


There are many ways for your child to celebrate Color Day and there is no need to go out and purchase anything!  Talk with your child about these colors and together find a meaningful way to celebrate.  The item must be able to fit safely in their backpack.  Here are a few ideas:


  • Wear something green
  • Paint or draw a picture of something green
  • Bring a favorite green stuffed animal
  • Make a picture collage of green items


The children will be asked to tell their classmates about their something green which is a fun and exciting time for your child.  As a reminder, in an effort to keep our students safe and healthy, Hamburg School allows children to only eat what has been packed by their parent or guardian.  If your child brings a green snack or drink it is for their consumption only and cannot be shared.


Please let me know if you are having any difficulties in finding a way to celebrate and I will be more than happy to provide assistance.




Mrs. Triolo