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Contact Me

Michelle Clark

Hamburg School

30 Linwood Avenue

Hamburg, NJ 07419

Phone: 973-827-7570, Ext. 440


Or please feel free to email  me (easiest way to catch me during the day) at


Student Responsibilities

Bring your assignment book and folder home every day.

Bring your assignment book and folder to class every morning.

Complete and return your homework assignments.

Follow Classroom Rules.



Classroom Rules

  1. Must keep shoes on feet at all times within the building.
  2. Must follow directions the first time, get to work and keep yourself focused.
  3. Must use friendly words / tones including initiating conversation and using an understandable tone and volume.
  4. Must use body appropriately (including no laying head on desk, feet must be on the floor and hands on desktop or in lap).
  5. Keep appropriate physical boundaries (that is observing personal space and not touching others inappropriately).



WEBSITES for Typing Practice


WEBSITES for Learning Games


WEBSITES for Language Arts


WEBSITES for Mathematics