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 Welcome to 5th grade! We are looking forward to our year together, where we will be learning new and exciting things. We are all important assets to our learning community and each of you have multiple talents to offer. Below are contact information, classroom procedures and grading policy. 





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Classroom Expectations:

*I have three rules. I expect all students to be RespectfulSafety Conscious and Responsible.




Mrs. Hagerty’s Grading Policy


Everything we do in our classroom counts as part of your grade, however, each assignment is weighted differently. We will be using a point system for grading in our classroom. Larger or more extensive assignments and activities will be worth more points than the smaller ones. The point value you receive on any type of assignment, and the amount the activity is worth, will never be a surprise. You will always know what I am expecting, to ensure success on your assignments. Every week I write their current averages in Math and Science in their agenda so they have an idea of how they are doing.  Grade Folders get sent home every Friday so that you can see the scores they earned on tests and quizzes.



*Nightly homework will be assigned in spelling, reading and math. It is important that students copy down their assignments into their agendas. Homework is also posted daily on my website.

*Students who do not complete a homework assignment will receive a green slip.  If assignments are not handed in after the 3rd green slip, a detention will be given. After three detentions are given, the student will lose their privilege to participate in afterschool activities.


Accelerated Reader Points:

*Students must read at least 20 minutes 5 out of 7 days. They will be reading in school as well so that they may achieve their AR goals.

*Accelerated Reader points are averaged as a 100 point test score every marking period. Advanced readers may reach their goal faster than others, and their goals will be adjusted accordingly.



All marking period points will be calculated together by subject, and will be averaged to determine the letter grade as set by the district for the report card.


Washington Borough Grading scale is as follows:

 A = 90-100

B = 80-89

C = 70-79

D = 60-65

F = 64 and below




*I hope you will come to realize that learning is fun in 5B. Please let me know if you ever have any questions, I look forward to an unforgettable year! *