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The mission of the Cobb County Mathematics Program is to provide a meaningful experience-based curriculum, which is engaging, challenging, developmentally appropriate and student centered. The K-12 program provides an emphasis on problem solving strategies, using manipulatives and technology as appropriate, and supported by a variety of resources and assessments. Our students will become problem solvers who are mathematically literate and apply mathematical concepts and skills for relevant and real life experiences.


The goal at Milford Elementary is to ensure that each student receives a quality education while engaging in fun, hands-on mathematics activity aligned with the new Common Core Curriclum for Mathematics.  To attain this goal, we will partner with parents to understand the new standards as well as provide supplements for at home daily mathematics practice.


 Please feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail should you have any questions or concerns regarding the mathematics curriclum.  Let's make this a great school year!



                                                                              Tykier Brown

                                                                              Mathematics Coach