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Supplies Needed for English with Miss Capone 



1. A binder- this can be a shared binder (like an AM/PM binder with other classes in it) or a binder specifically for English. Whatever you prefer!


2. 3-hole punched loose leaf lined paper- You'll need lots of paper handy to complete each day's Do Now and in-class assignments. 


3. 4 Tabs/Dividers- You will have (at least) 4 sections in your English binder- 1)Do Nows 2)Reading 3)Writing 4)Important Handouts


 3. Pens & pencils- you'll need a good supply of these! They often go missing! :) (Both pen and pencil are fine for use in class- whatever you prefer to use!)


Helpful supplies you may want (but are not required):


1. A highlighter or two  (any color)


 2. Post-its (any color/size)


3. White-out (especially if you use pen a lot)





 Should you ever wish to contact me, feel free to use the information below.


Miss Lindsay Capone

Room 401